Partnership Readiness Assessment

How would you/your organization respond to the following statements?

StatementYesNoNotes / Evidence to support readiness 
Internal Readiness Factors    
External Readiness Factors    
The work of our partnership will address a pressing concern and/or real felt need. This is clear from community / organizational stakeholders        
There is a history of successful collaboration in the community/partner organization and people view collaboration as a useful and effective way to get things done        
There is a core of committed stakeholders and others in the community/partner organization in which you’ll be working with is ready to support you and to spend the energy and capital necessary for success        
“Turfism” in the community/organization is manageable        
Even though there are others working in this area, we are not duplicating efforts, creating problems for recruitment, outreach, and credibility        
Our organization represents the cultures and diversity of the community/institution/organization in which we’ll be working        
StatementYesNoNotes / Evidence to support readiness 
 My organization has the capacity and we’ll have the time and energy necessary to devote to the partnership and make our work successful        
The leadership of my organization is excited and supportive of the partnership and the work we can do together, even without funding        
My supervisor supports me and understands that spending time on partnership work is part of my regular responsibilities, not an “extra” on top of my other work        
I have decision-making power in my role with the partnership and do not have to seek approval from someone else on a regular basis        
My organization has the resources available to support me in this work -sufficient, funds, material, time        
I and my team have the right competencies and skills to lead and manage this partnership