Stakeholder Mapping


Stakeholder mapping is an analysis that applies common criteria to stakeholders in order to understand their relative power and influence in relation to a given project, a given organization, a given purpose.

What’s the Result?

Identifies all the stakeholders who can impact, influence, block and support the success of your partnership and allows the partnership to think strategically on how to manage key relationships.

Materials: Pen and paper

Time: 30 minutes

Part I:  Completing the Stakeholder Map

Using the stakeholder map below as an example:

  1. Identify all your internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Identify the nature of your current relationship with each stakeholder (Add as many circles as you need)
    • Productive – strong relationship (Circle in Green)
    • Unproductive – weak social capital/unproductive conflict (Circle in Blue)
    • Nonexistent – no relationship at all (Circle in Red)

Part II:  Talking it through with your partner and developing strategies to manage key relationships

  • Discuss the stakeholder map with your partner
  • Identify key relationships that you need to develop strategies for
  • Agree on the plan including roles and responsibilities

Example Stakeholder Map for a school partnership


Here are some tools to help you understand what’s happening and who might be doing what in the communities you’re working in: